William I. Martin, Jr.

Professional Experience

  • Over 10 years professional experience in Computer and Computer Communications Technology
  • Successfully orchestrated preparation of bids and closed sales of service contracts (hardware, software)
  • Computer support, troubleshooting and repair with federal agencies and private companies
  • Experienced in curriculum development and instruction of word-processing and database applications
  • Bachelor of Arts. Philosophy with minors in Business & Economics, University of Maryland, College Park

Vice President; Information Brokers, Inc.

Responsible for business development and technical operations, focusing on system administration, internet development, network design, and web hosting

  • Install Windows NT proxy servers, incorporating Voice over IP network and client configurations
  • Design and maintain databases using Oracle for Sun Systems and IBM's AIX Systems
  • Modify Interactive Voice Response systems
  • Test and debug web sites
  • broker deals for telecommunications service and technologies, and manage calling card and online resume product lines

President; Martin & Edwards Enterprises, Inc.

Responsible for continuing and evolution of my mother's sole proprietorship, and business management

  • Provide entertainment management
  • Create multimedia for web production and hosting

MIS Administrator; PVS Speer International Inc., Washington, DC

  • Upgraded and installed PC systems for various television production and resource booking needs.
  • Installed a Bay Router and coordinated replacement of a 56k connection to the Speer Headquarters in Nashville with a T-1 circuit which also connected to the internet via Nashville
  • Installed and maintained Windows NT to create a PDC and BDC domain for the DC office
  • Installed and maintained HP jetdirect card and 5 other HP jetdirect print servers for network printing and printing from an IBM RS6000
  • Administered the Xytech systems software for booking of editing, studio and production resources.
  • Taught classes on Microsoft Exchange's email application
  • Serviced the PVS Speer client needs occasionally, which included NT Server issues with Healthweek, a NewsWeek subsidiary focused on health issues.
  • Configured, maintained and provided helpdesk support for all desktop pcs at PVS Speer and some of their clients
  • Worked with staff members/pc users to support pc needs
  • Managed a Honeywell security card system for security badges needed after hours and on weekends
  • Completed various graphic conversions and modifications for labeling projects
  • Convinced management to get a DSL circuit to support immediate client needs

Systems Integration Engineer/Prepaid Systems UNIX Administrator;  Cable & Wireless Inc., Vienna, Va.

  • Setup network connectivity for Northern Telecom Billing Server & configure Cisco 2501, 2505 & 4000 routers for TCP/IP, OSPF and OSI multiprotocol routing environments.
  • Traveled to Northern Telecom Laboratory in Richardson Texas to do initial testing for the Tandem to request and receive billing files from a Nortel Billing Server in the Nortel lab using Synoptics Lattishubs 2813, Cisco 2501 routers and US. Robotics 56k modems.
  • Traveled to New York to install a Cisco 2505 and reconfigure a Cisco 4000 to route CLNP protocol via Cisco's implementation of CLNS, GTE FTAM Implementation on a Tandem Himalaya 2000 and Nortel implementations of the FTAM protocol on their Billing Server.
  • Documented and taught LAN/WAN diagnostic procedures to Computer Operators & New York Site Supervisor. I did this page to help teach the subject.
  • Maintained 2 Prepaid Calling Systems. One was a cluster of 2 IBM RS/6000 R20's clustered via (High Availability Cluster Multi Processor) HACMP on AIX 3.2 and their own subnet. Subnets provide connectivity from the R20's to the local (Voice Response Units) VRU's and an EXCEL LNX 2000 switch. The Excel switch managed 26 ISDN PRI T-1's coming from a Nortel DMS 250.Oracle system 7 was our database. Legato's Networker was used for tape backups.
  • Traveled to Jamaica to consult with the Telecomm of Jamaica, a Cable & Wireless member company, to teach the staff the daily maintenance and diagnostic procedures used to effectively administer their prepaid calling card platform.
  • Liaisoned with various sound studios and other carriers. Completed shell scripting in Korn and C shells for adding voice prompt headers and converting voice prompt files in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese to the various formats required by all prepaid calling card platforms.

Windows NT LAN Administrator;  Cable & Wireless Inc., Vienna Va.

  • Created and maintained a Windows NT 3.51 domain within the CWI network for the SCS division
  • Performed all necessary installation of hardware and software for all platforms for connectivity to Prepaid system 2 and Dial up access to Prepaid System 1, and provide any necessary technical support.

Senior Systems Analyst/Network Engineer; Unisource Systems Inc., Washington DC

  • Converted 15 user AT&T Starlan Network to Windows NTAS 3.5 LAN with Windows For Workgroups clients at Unisource
  • Provided technical support for Unisource and the Federal Aviation Administration's AOP Department staffs in connecting to Telecommunications Information Management System (TIMS), an Oracle database running on Sun SparcServer 1000's.
  • Evaluated Windows NTAS 3.5 for communications features, i.e. PPP, and RAS. for AOP 600 division
  • Administered the Unisource Internet access account using TCP/IP on a Macintosh IIsi.
  • Traveled to regional offices of the FAA for TCPIP over Netware or Windows for Workgroups CLIENT / Sun SparcServer Solaris 2.3 SERVER installations of 270 users in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C, and Boston.
  • Worked on team of 4 consultants to teach end users and install Sun SparcServer 1000's and client workstations in each Region. These servers ran Solaris 2.3 and an Oracle database accessed via databrowser. These regional networks ran either Novell netware at most sites or Windows for workgoups connected to NT servers.
  • Liaisoned with the regional network support staff and team members to resolve any networking issues
  • Ledd installation consultant for all client installations with

PC Support Analyst; Syscon, Washington, DC

  • Provided network & PC related end user technical support for Office of Educational Research and Improvement division of the Department of Education, one of the government's first NT Beta test sites
  • Installed and configured LAN Manager and later Windows for Workgroups and NT network software on servers and client workstations
  • Supported users as a dispatched support analyst to any of the five sites of Dept. of Education
  • Installed software, CD-ROMs, fax/modems, memory chips, scanners, printers, Hard Drives etc.
  • Provided basic LAN training to the users, describing how to use the network and what it had to offer.

Temporary Employee; Manpower and Tempworld, Rockville, MD

  • Desktop Published Department of Veterans Affairs FY 1992 Budget using Ventura Gold
  • Converted documents from IBM 5520 ASCII to WordPerfect format at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Edited WordPerfect Documents and configured an IBM PS/2 model 50 at FDA.

Computer Consultant; Public Citizen , Washington DC

  • Provided hardware, and software support and taught classes in Pagemaker and Ventura 3.0
  • Helped supervisor install a small 8 user ELS 8 Novell network

Computer Consultant; Advantage Temporary Services
Computer Consultant;
Chartered Health Plan, Washington, DC
Database Administrator; Intl. Marketing Ventures, LTD., Greenbelt, MD,
Contract Manager;
Entre' Computer Center, Lanham, MD
Software 'N Things, College Park, MD
Service Contract Salesman; Entre' Computer Center, Rockville, MD
Computer Technician Trainee; Man & Machine, Hyattsville MD

  • Wrote materials and taught introductory classed in PageMaker, Lotus 1-2-3, and WordPerfect 5.0
  • Designed Database reports in Paradox 3.0
  • Updated and maintained the database at Intl. Marketing Ventures
  • Used Bitcom II and Smartcom II to download information from Dialog, an on-line database services.
  • Drafted, Desktop Published and sold service contracts, software and hardware
  • Submitted and won bids for Government and corporate PC service contracts
  • Helped technicians with help doing board level diagnostics and repair
  • Provided On-Site computer repair at various government agencies that Man & Machine had service contracts with, i.e. Congressional Budget Office, United States Postal Service, and the IRS


William Martin

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