Eric D. Williams

Professional Experience - Expert IT Security Consultant

  • Current Project: Cyber Incident Response Team Lead, Network and Endpoint Security for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Recent Projects: PII Incident Response Advisor, Security File Transfer Risk Assessment Advisor, IT Security Policy and Compliance Senior Subject Matter Expert for U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Principal Author of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Computer Security Incident Response Team (N-CIRT) Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Successfully completed and received certificate for application of the NSA INFOSEC Assessment Methodology.
  • Member of the Task Force on Network Science (replacing the Information Assurance Task Force) (
  • Clearances: Federal NACI, Background Investigation, TS Active
  • Over 20 years professional experience in Computer and Computer Communications Technology
  • Recognized industry expert in implementation of OSI and IPS technology.
  • Experienced in advanced technical writing, presentation, and marketing.
  • Senior Systems and internetwork Engineer with experience in DoD and Private Industry
  • Past Chairman - Convergence Working Group of the Open Systems Environment Implementors Workshop (OIW) (defunct) OSETC, sponsored by the IEEE

President/Principal Consultant; Information Brokers, Inc.

  • Responsible for management and program operations, focusing on corporate direction, technical operations and high level consulting.
  • Design and develop information security policies, architectures and plans.
  • Provide computer systems administration, support and capacity planning
  • Principal IT Security Program and Policy consultant U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • Principle Author National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Inaugural Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate Policy.
  • Key Author of the 2003 U.S. Department of Commerce common network infrastructure security risk management framework.

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Mr. Williams is recognized as a leader in implementing open system solutions and internetwork security. Mr. Williams' projects and technological initiatives have been featured in government and private industry technology forums. In addition, Mr. Williams is consulted by leading industry market research firms to determine major industry trends. Mr. Williams spoke during the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's 3rd Annual Wall Street Project Conference - "Building Bridges to Expand the Marketplace".  Mr. Williams spoke on the Convergence of Telecommunications and Technology and the security implications of getting online broadband access for your small or minority business.

Recognized as an expert in the implementation of secure information systems, Mr. Williams has participated in White House briefings and other functions.  Where Information Brokers, and other African-American Internet companies were queried concerning the nature and causes of the "Digital Divide".  Using his expertise and resources, Mr. Williams has also positioned Information Brokers, to provide an 'incubator' for a plethora of community oriented Internet offerings.

Mr. Williams has intimate knowledge concerning the implementation and integration of IT security in networks and has complete mastery of  Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) based technologies. OSI is a set of internationally recognized, vendor independent communications standards. Mr. Williams has over 15 years of experience concerning the development, dynamics and implementation of the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS). Mr. Williams' expertise has been tapped by many Federal Government agencies, but particularly the U.S. Department of Commerce, where he was the only consultant who was a standing member participating as technical advisor in the Department IT Security Task Force. The Task Force addressed issues of IT Security Program implementation and corrective actions to address security deficiencies.  Mr. Williams' was also tasked to perform an agency wide Risk Assessment, provide Mitigation Strategy recommendations and perform IT security compliance reviews.

While working within the OIW, Mr. Williams was intimately involved with the development of profiles and protocol implementation conformance statements (used internationally for procurement and standardization) specifically concerning the convergence of IPS with the OSI technology paradigm, Mr. Williams is uniquely qualified to plan and implement solutions involving internetwork technologies such as IPS (a.k.a. TCP/IP)

Mr. Williams' philosophy concerning the convergence of IPS and GOSIP/OSI technological paradigms has come to pass.  Now the implementation of the security frameworks contained in both is the next critical step. Various standards organizations involved in the standards process hold discussions on how these protocols can converge. Mr. Williams is consulted for these discussions and believes discussions should continue and accelerate until there is one interoperable high function protocol suite that delivers full functionality and interoperability. Mr. Williams has stimulated and codified dialog within all IPS communities. His efforts are aimed at the convergence of profiling and IETF standards development paradigms. Mr. Williams regularly participates in chapter meetings of the Washington Field Office Infragard chapter.  Information Brokers contributions were instrumental in developing the IETF experimental Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format (IDMEF).

Mr. Williams has extensive experience in the development of standards and implementation of security in the current leading edge IPS technologies including Intrusion Detection, HTML publishing (home page design et. al.), Mobile / Wireless communications, xDSL and ISDN implementation, Information Kiosk design and implementation, World Wide Web Database Search engines, Video Teleconferencing, , WWW Browsers such as Netscape and IPS Security. Mr. Williams also assisted in the development of the original Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol implemented by Netscape Servers and Clients.

Mr. Williams' expertise in local area network and wide area network security, engineering and implementation, results in a unique capability to establish secure enterprise wide internetworking and architecture development.

Eric Williams
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