Testimony for DC Public Service Commission

    Investigation into the Availability of Advanced Telecommunications Services In The District of Columbia

Testimony for DC Council Committee on Government Operations

    Committee on Government Operations Roundtable on the "District of Columbia's Information Technology Legacy"

Fast Track Public Key Infrastructure

    Abstract:  This document outlines some key areas for consideration in implementing Public Key Infrastructure Services on a fast track basis to satisfy deployment and funding constraints. As concerns for data integrity and privacy increase, so to does the desire of large organizations and their offices, for a timely implementation of Public Key Infrastructure, a.k.a. PKI.  Outlined in this paper are some issues in implementing a "Web Of Trust" PGP (WOT) PKI model, Vendor Managed PKI (VM-PKI) or Organizationally Managed PKI (OM-PKI) in a 'Fast Track' implementation mode.  The reader should at minimum have a grasp of PKI as in D-H/DSS


Wall Street Talk

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