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Information Brokers invited to conduct Roundtable of Ugandan ISPs

Kampala, Uganda -- Information Brokers, Inc. - a Washington, DC based Information Security and Technology consulting company - has been invited to conduct a 1/2 day roundtable of Ugandan Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for talks on establishing an Internet Exchange Point for the ISPs.  Working with Computer Frontiers (Uganda) the roundtable will provide a framework for further talks.

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is the service that ISPs collectively establish to exchange data from their respective backbone services. For many of the service providers on the African continent there are no IXPs or consortia to operate them.

"On the continent [IXPs] generally do no exist.  I will be going to discuss the implications of an IXP with the service providers in Uganda. This will allow them to achieve a greater return on investment for the 'on-the-ground' networks they have in place.  Where now they must traverse satellite uplinks to reach the ISP next door, in the future all of that will happen on the ground and save precious uplink bandwidth." said Eric Williams, Principal Consultant at Information Brokers, Inc.

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