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Information Brokers Supports eGovernment efforts in Lesotho

Maseru, Lesotho -- Eric Williams, President, Information Brokers, Inc. traveled to Maseru Lesotho this month to provide technical support to the Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (LTA) concerning telecommunications sector regulation and provide guidance and support for eGovernment architecture development and implementation. Mr. Williams was delighted to attend dinner with the Minister of Industry Trade, and Marketing Honorable Mpho Malie and hosted by the U.S. Ambassador to Lesotho, Katherine Peterson.

"I believe a new paradigm is forming in Lesotho. That paradigm is parallel to the other emerging ICT infrastructure efforts in Africa - 'We the people are our customer and the customer comes first.' It's a very beautiful delta in the thinking process to witness.  I am honored to be instrumental in these types of changes." said Eric Williams, Principle Consultant of Information Brokers, Inc., about his trip to Lesotho.

Information Brokers has been working with Computer Frontiers, Inc. of Rockville to deliver technology solutions under USAID's Leland Initiative.

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